Thursday, 2 August 2012

Transplanting Trees vs Tree Removal

Trees outgrow their original location and landscapes change. A home addition or backyard makeover may cause you to consider moving trees, and the question of taking trees down often comes up. Your decision affects budget, timing and landscape, making the argument of transplanting trees vs tree removal vital to the process. Which option is best for your property, and why?

  • When Transplanting Works

It makes sense to transplant when optimum conditions exist. This process can be successful when done in the cool, moist conditions of late winter, early spring and late fall, with the proper equipment and a new location set to receive the tree. You’ll save a tree, continue to enjoy healthy growth and avoid the need to start over with a younger tree.

The age of your tree also matters. Young trees have a reasonably sized root ball, making transplanting manageable. Older, mature trees are established, with roots spreading beyond that reasonable size. Taller trees may also be difficult to move, unless you have access to the necessary equipment – such as a tree spade, crane, tractors and flat beds.

  • When Tree Removal is Best

If your trees are no longer thriving due to poor health, or the species and age make handling inefficient, tree removal may be a better option. Removing an old, sick tree and planting a new tree in another area of your home provides many benefits.

Labor charges are often less, especially if the existing tree stands in rocky soil. This helps to offset the cost of a new tree. Professional tree removal companies offer mulching services as well, an environmentally friendly removal process that helps to recycle wood waste.

Transplanting a few selected trees from a grove or small forest can be a difficult option. Tree removal tends to be much cheaper and faster, protecting the bulk of the other trees from damage and helping you to control your landscape.

Consider your particular landscape and circumstances when debating transplanting trees vs tree removal. Call a professional for advice and get your property back into shape this season.


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