Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How Pruning and Tree Trimming Reduce Storm Damage

Have you looked at your trees lately, assessing the risk of storm damage and decay? A quick inspection of the trees on your property will likely reveal the need to call an arborist or tree trimming service, professionals that have the skills and tools to protect your home from storm damage.

How does pruning help to reduce the risk of storm damage? Properly pruned trees present several conditions that increase airflow and reduce pressure, resulting in a greater ability to stand tall in severe wind, rain and stormy weather.

Dealing with Crown

The crown of a tree resists wind, creating drag at the pressure center. Trimming at the crown reduces drag and allows your tree to withstand higher wind speeds without bending or breaking.

There are three ways to deal with a tree’s crown:

  •        Raise it.
  •     Reduce it.
  •        Thin it.

Crown raising involves trimming the lowest branches down to the trunk, effectively raising the crown and allowing more wind to pass through freely. It can be a risky method, and removing branches from this section can significantly reduce the development of the trunk.

Crown reduction involves pruning the tips of branches to create a denser crown. Most experts agree that crown reduction is the best way to prevent bending, since it sets the pressure center lower to the ground. Be wise - incorrectly handled trimming to reduce the crown could result in trunk and branch decay.

Crown thinning involves pruning selective branches within the crown to reduce drag. This method is similar to crown reduction, but a portion of the canopy must be removed to effectively thin the crown. Beware of excessive thinning, as this can affect photosynthesis and cause stress for your tree.

When planning to reduce the risk of storm damage, focus on avoiding any bending movement. Consider the age and species of your tree, as well as the location. Talk to a tree trimming specialist about the ideal method of attack to reduce drag and avoid bending. Well-planned pruning and trimming will help your trees to stand strong and tall throughout any storm.


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