Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Why You Need to Plant Native Trees in New Hampshire

Planting trees helps to create a more natural, healthy and beautiful outdoor living space, as well as adding shade and attracting the local wildlife. But does it really matter what type of trees you plant in New Hampshire? Native trees provide a host of benefits that non-native trees cannot, including long life, low maintenance and less expense.
  • Long Life : - Native trees have developed resistance to pests and disease, two of the main reasons why trees die prematurely. Native species thrive in the local climate, live through droughts and stand strong in the face of local storms. All of these traits allow native trees to live longer than their non-native cousins, often lasting for generations.
  • Low Maintenance : - Native trees thrive in New Hampshire, requiring less fuss and maintenance than other trees and shrubs. Their natural resistance to common problems and diseases helps you to avoid treatments, excessive trimming and tree replacement. Some native trees actually protect the other plants nearby, attracting helpful wildlife or driving harmful insects and pests away.
  •  Less Expense : - Although it depends on the tree’s age and species, many native trees cost less than non-natives. Look for American beech, white ash or balsam fir. You’ll find the price tags much lower than non-native varieties of the same tree.
Non-natives must be imported or grown with care in your local greenhouse, while natives tend to thrive in the wild. Non-natives can also become invasive, requiring a lot of time and/or money to remove and dispose. Save money on the initial investment and cut back on your tree trimming services costs by planting natives at your New Hampshire property.

It simply makes sense to plant native trees in your NH yard. These trees will outlive non-natives with very little fuss and fewer maintenance expenses. Fill your yard with native trees and enjoy all that the local NW woodlands have to offer right in your own backyard.

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