Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How Smart Controllers Help Homeowners Maintain Healthy Trees

It’s essential to water your trees on a regular basis, but manual sprinklers and some automatic irrigation systems waste water. Homeowners can use smart controllers to effectively and efficiently water trees of any age, maintaining a healthy, attractive landscape all year round.

Basics of Smart Controller Operation

Smart controllers collect data and use that information to operate sprinkler heads at peak efficiency. An adequate amount of water is distributed at the optimum times when smart controllers are included in your tree irrigation system.

The data required for programming can be drawn from various sources, including regional historical data (often derived from an on-device archive and retrieved via zip code), current weather patterns and forecasts and existing moisture levels.

Smart controllers must be provided with static information during the installation phase. This includes data about the type of soil, type of tree and lighting conditions, as well as any existing slope or grade in the surrounding landscape. All of this information is combined with the specific data mentioned above to create a customized irrigation program.

You need to calibrate your smart controllers on a regular basis, often seasonally, to ensure efficiency. But these products help to ensure your trees are watered well when needed.

Where to Install Smart Controllers

You’ll want to place your smart controllers around the tree canopy, where rainfall naturally directs water. This location provides accurate moisture data and ensures that your tree receives the optimum amount of water.

This location may need to be adjusted as your tree matures. Think about the future and place controllers around the projected canopy, while manually applying water closer to small trees as they grow.

Smart controllers allow your trees to thrive with less maintenance and worry. Using accurate data to program a customized watering schedule, these irrigation devices reduce wasted water and help your trees to grow healthy and strong.