Friday, 17 August 2012

Three Benefits of Crane Removal When Taking Out Trees

Tree removal helps you to maintain a safe, healthy landscape or tidy up after a storm. Although it may cost more, many trees can be removed with greater success by using a crane. Crane removal provides several benefits to homeowners and isoften worth the extra investment.

Benefit # 1 – Crane Removal Preserves the Surrounding Landscape

Traditional tree removal tends to disturb the landscape immediately around the tree. Equipment is kept off the property with crane removal, and the crane often rests on the road.

If you have extensive gardens within your yard, including sensitive plants or other trees nearby, crane removal may be a better option. It could actually allow you to save money by eliminating the need for landscape repairs.

Benefit # 2 –Crane Removal is Efficient

Standard tree removal requires many hands, as well as hours of strategic cutting and branch removal. With crane removal, you can expect to have even large trees removed quickly and efficiently.

This service may cost more, but your landscape will be cleaned up in short order, providing you with more time to enjoy the outdoors just beyond your patio door.

Benefit # 3 – Crane Removal Minimizes Waste

Your old tree can be quickly mulched or chipped with the help of a crane. Lifting the tree pieces from your yard and depositing them directly at a nearby wood chipper allows for less waste and better wood recycling.

Ask about using that mulch on your own property, if you have an application in mind. Otherwise you can rest assured knowing that recycled wood chips have many uses on both residential and commercial properties.

Avoid wasting time and potentially wasting money by opting for crane removal to clear up your yard. Downed trees and those still growing can be handled equally well with a skilled crane operator and tree specialist, providing you with all three of these benefits of crane removal.


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