Monday, 13 August 2012

The Best Tree Debate Pits Deciduous Vs Coniferous

You will face certain decisions when planting a new tree. The deciduous vs coniferous debate is one of the first debates to come up, and homeowners should carefully consider what type of tree is best for their property.

What’s the Difference Between Coniferous and Deciduous?

Coniferous trees maintain their foliage throughout the seasons, as opposed to loosing their leaves in the autumn, as deciduous trees do. Most coniferous have needles, unlike the flat leaves found on common deciduous trees like maples or oaks. These needles will drop over time, but the cycle is extended when compared to the leaf cycle of a deciduous tree.

These trees also tend to grow in distinct shapes. A deciduous carries branches and leaves near the crown. A coniferous presents a different shape, with longer branches at the base and a peaked shape at the crown. This makes a difference aesthetically, but also affects function.

What Do You Want From Your Tree?

It’s important to consider the intended purpose of your new tree. If you’re looking to add shade to your yard while providing space underneath for seating or gardens, a deciduous tree is your best option. Most evergreens cannot accommodate patio furniture or perennials underneath.

Trees provide many other benefits, depending on the type. Coniferous trees with dense foliage provide an excellent windbreak, and can increase privacy in your yard.

Deciduous trees break up the sun’s rays during the summer, decreasing your cooling costs. After the leaves drop in the fall, this type of tree allows the sun to heat your home naturally. Deciduous trees increase energy efficiency.

If your property has the space, plant both deciduous and coniferous trees. That combination provides you with maximum benefit. When space is at a premium, think about your intentions and plant the tree that best suits your needs.


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